Netizens point out a puzzling message in the dairy of APRIL Naeun

APRIL Naeun’s sister posted the female idol’s diary to prove her innocence, but netizens discovered a detail that revealed the truth about the incident.

In March 2021, the internal bullying scandal of the girl group APRIL stirred up the Kpop industry.  Accordingly, former member Lee Hyunjoo denounced that she had to leave the group in 2016 because other members had bullied her for years.  After the incident, APRIL suspended activities for a long time while the management company DSP Media sued Hyunjoo for slander. However, after the police rejected the DSP’s lawsuit, both Lee Naeun and Jinsol recently posted messages saying they were innocent.  Besides, on June 13, Naeun’s sister suddenly said that her sister could not be a bully by revealing old diary pages showing that the female idol also had much psychological instability.  

Attached as a proof is a series of photos recording Naeun’s diary written in 2016. With a series of pictures capturing Naeun’s diary entries, the older sister shared Naeun “to be the vulnerable type who worries a lot”. The sister added that she has consequently been “extremely concerned throughout the whole controversy, worried that Naeun might make dangerous decisions.”

Lee Naeun’s older sister emphasized that the truth has yet to be revealed, including how hard it is for Naeun and her family to deal with “all the lies going around about [them]”.  Regarding the diary pages posted as evidence, the sister shared:; ‘Naeun couldn’t bully anyone because she was also in a lot of pain at the time.  Naeun did nothing wrong and is a nice girl.  Please don’t accuse her and judge her.  I beg you all.’

In the diary pages that Naeun wrote in 2016 – the time when Hyunjoo was said to be bullied – the female idol wrote words showing her fatigue and wanting to give up.  Naeun wrote things like: ‘I’m exhausted, I’m lonely.  I really am a jerk’, ‘I thought everything would pass but it’s not.  It goes on.  I feel guilty towards my mother’, ‘I don’t want to say anything more and want to die.  Anyway, no one is upset about this!’  v…v…

Some images in Naeun’s dairy:

However, some eagle-eyed Korean netizens noticed that one of the diary entries show disturbing text from the opposite page, which they are now claiming to be “proof” of bullying. In the picture of the March 12, 2016 entry, the text bleeding through from the other side of the page is somewhat visible. After editing the picture to make the text legible, netizens have deciphered the message.


On the other side of the dairy, Lee Naeun wrote: (Top row mostly illegible) a person I hate. I’m disgusted just by staying in the same space with [unknown person]. I seriously hope [the person] disappears from my sight.


Although it is impossible to be sure who this diary line refers to, Korean netizens claim that this incident contradicts what Naeun’s sister said.  The female idol’s sister said she was in a lot of pain at that time so she couldn’t bully others, but then Naeun herself wrote very strong words like ‘I’m disgusted just by staying in the same space with [unknown person]. I seriously hope [the person] disappears from my sight.’ Based on the time on the diary page and related details, many Knets believe that these lines refer to Lee Hyunjoo and ‘accidentally‘ prove APRIL’s internal bullying is real.

Some comments from netizens:

  • She’s so dirty and disgusting
  • Wow, I can’t believe that everything their side has revealed has done more harm than good
  • They are stupid so I don’t know what to say…
  • I don’t think Naeun will ever be able to recover
  • I don’t think she has a good relationship with her older sister
  • Her older sister is so stupid
  • Family is not being of help
  • At this point, I wonder if her older sister intentionally revealed it
  • If you are confident, you should also reveal the back of the pagesㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don’t reveal it selectively
  • Is it a diary you wrote recently?

Source: Theqoo

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