Netizens’ mixed reactions towards “The Silent Sea”: “Watching ‘The Silent Sea’ made my heart silent” VS “I enjoyed watching it”

Netflix’s original series “The Silent Sea” is divided into opinions.

On Dec 26th, Herald Economy reported that Netflix’s domestic drama “The Silent Sea“, which was recently released on Dec 24th, is receiving criticism from foreign media and viewers. “The Silent Sea” is Korea’s first space SF series drama that tells the story of an elite team sent on a special mission to an abandoned research base on the moon. Actor Jung Woo-sung participated as a general producer, while Bae Doo-na, Gong Yoo, Kim Sun-young and Lee Moo-saeng gathered to create a powerful cast lineup.

The Silent Sea mixed opinion

However, the evaluation has been mixed since the drama was released. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) criticized “The Silent Sea” as “one of the worst TV series of the year”. Some domestic viewers also expressed frustration with its theme and development, such as “Watching ‘The Silent Sea’ made my heart silent”, “It’s too boring”, “I don’t think it was necessary to make it up to episode 8″… On the other hand, many defended the drama, such as “Not all works need to win first place”, “It’s good enough for me”, “I enjoyed watching it”…

The Silent Sea mixed opinion
The Silent Sea mixed opinion

In the midst of this, both Wysiwyg Studios and Dexter’s stocks, which related to “The Silent Sea”, reportedly declined on Dec 27th compared to the previous trading day. Chosun Ilbo also reported that Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, which gave “The Silent Sea” a low score, gave high scores to “D.P“, “Hellbound” and “Squid Game“.

The Silent Sea mixed opinion


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