Netizens laughed at Yang Hyun Suk because the former president of YG once said that all groups of Brave Brothers cannot succeed

After Brave Girls had great success with their hit song Rollin, Yang Hyun Suk’s statement four years ago suddenly resurfaced on social networks.  

Rollin’ – the 4-year-old song of Brave Girls, which is still maintaining the PAK title on Korean charts, has so far earned the group 2 trophies on the music show.  The success of this hit made the name Brave Girls go crazy, the 4 girls and the producer Brave Brothers, the group’s founder, also received the attention they deserved.

The song of Brave Girls goes viral
Brave Girls

Meanwhile, Korean netizens has brought back the past comments that Yang Hyun Suk made in 2017 on an episode of JTBC’s Mix Nine.

It turns out that Brave Brothers used to be a producer under YG, but he and Yang Hyun Suk have a bad relationship.  The founder of Brave Entertainment – Brave Girls’ agency said: “Mr. Yang hated me. I feel uncomfortable around him.”

Producer – Brave Brothers

However, Brave Brothers still participated in the program to help the contestants. However, Yang Hyun Suk gained attention for dissing Brave Brothers’ idol groups: “What I find unfortunate is that the groups under Brave Entertainment never did as well as the groups that Brave Brothers gave songs to. You produced some teams, but you can’t say they succeeded.”

Yang Hyun Suk’s controversial statement

4 years later, Brave Girls – the group Brave Brothers suddenly achieved great success with the hit song Rollin’.  This made netizens extremely excited and sarcastic Yang Hyun Suk.  Some even mentioned the charges against Yang Hyun Suk to criticize him badly.

Knets commented:

1. [+362] Worry about yourself ?

2. [+168] You never know with life

3. [+139] Please just worry about yourself

4. [+151] Sigh, look at how jealous he is, tsk tsk

5. [+91] This is rich coming from the man who ran his own audition program and picked a bunch of kids ready for debut only to disband them in the end, who does he think he is;

6. [+69] And you had ‘Victory’, right?

7. [+56] Worry about yourself, okay?

8. [+31] I can’t stand him

9. [+20] Just look at his character ㅡㅡ no wonder Seungri learned from him

10. [+18] And yet, Yang Hyun Suk, you are a father yourself and still went out to gamble overseas and provide s*xual services, right?

11. [+9] Yang Hyun Suk has a problem with saying condescending things to others on TV. Why is he like this, really?

12. [+8] I just want to know why Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri aren’t in jail yet

After the controversy that Seungri and YG were entangled in in 2019, Yang Hyun Suk officially resigned as president of YG Entertainment and left all positions related to the company.  Since then, he has barely appeared in public.

Source: KB, NB, Internet

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