Netizens have chosen the best lead vocals among Kpop’s 3rd generation girl groups

blackpink, twice, apink
They are idols in the 3rd generation who will make their fans fall for their voices.
Every 3rd generation girl group has their own “dinosaur” lead vocal who will surprise audiences in every one of their performances. They are in charge of main vocals, highlighting the climax of the song, and also raising their voice in most parts of the song which make listeners interested in their song. Below are those excellent main vocals of 3rd generation girl groups.


If Black Pink is compared to a flower, then Rosé will be the prettiest red rose. In charge of main vocals in the group, she has won the hearts of the audiences by her unique and catchy voice, and the way she holds the lyrics is attractive, and the way she deals with high notes is perfect. Although being regarded highly, Rosé still feels timid and anxious about her capacity, which is what makes her the cutest in the eyes of their fans more than ever.
Rosé used to surprise everyone in King of Masked Singer with her unique voice.


Being praised as a group with good vocal techniques, MAMAMOO is one of the Kpop girl groups who has the best and firmest manners at present. Their main vocal, Solar, is said to be similar to Ailee, Hyorin, and Taeyeon. Solar also proves that she has enough good sense to choose the right music and the most suitable song. Solar is the one who is always in charge of the climax in the performances as well as high notes, and keeping the connection in their performances. Solar also has good skills in singing with falsetto.

Solar’s voice has soon became famous in Korean entertainment industry

Jihyo – TWICE

Jihyo is compared to a raw pearl; it will shine by itself if it is polished carefully. Also her talented voice, after many tireless practices, has now been recognized by the audiences. Jihyo’s voice is strong and clear, although sometimes she uses a nasal-like voice, but her head voice is sensible, and the way she deals with notes is very smart.

Jihyo is getting more and more acknowledgments from audiences.


If Taeyeon (SNSD) is named as “Queen of OST”, then Wendy is named as “OST’s Princess”. Asides Red Velvet’s group activities, Wendy is also a valuable face in top idols who has a good and strong voice among Kpop. Wendy is in charge of main vocals in Red Velvet. Her voice is ranked among the top vocals, and she usually shows up in top talented vocal rankings among new generation idol groups.

Wendy is one of the valuable faces in top idols ranking who has good and strong voice

Eun Ji – APINK

In Apink, Eunji is the most outstanding member thanks to her main vocal position. Eunji owns a sweet, warm voice, with a wide vocal range with thick and stable high notes. She has great vocal techniques with the way she takes and holds her breath. She used to be praised a lot by producers in Double Sidekick.

Eunji’s appearance is considered as Apink’s saver when talking about vocals thank to her stable and strong voice.
Those Kpop idols are highly evaluated on their techniques, since they can deal with every note from the lowest to the highest ones. But the most important thing is, is that they sing with all their heart and soul and their voice touch the deepest part in the mind of their audiences.

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