Netizens found the identity of Lucas’s rumored girlfriend: A fansite master & sasaeng who used to be a huge fan of Lucas

It turns out that this girl is no stranger to Lucas’s fan community.

This year has been an unfortunate year for the Chinese entertainment industry. The top celebrities have been constantly involved in severe scandals. The personal lives of popular artists such as Zheng Shuang, Kris Wu, Henry Huo. were all exposed. The public has continued to be taken aback by these scandals. Following the above stars, the NCT member Lucas (Wong Yukhei)’s relationship was recently exposed by his ex-girlfriend. The girl revealed the dating story with the male idol and posted screenshots of their chat history as evidence.

Lucas bisexual

Accordingly, a fan accused Lucas of using his ex-girlfriend even after breaking up. Specifically, after Lucas and his girlfriend split up because of his busy schedule, he still actively contacted her to suggest that the two continue to “be good friends”. Whenever he had free time, Lucas was the one to approach his ex-girlfriend to “talk” for many hours at the hotel. Notably, his girlfriend had to pay for everything during their “date”. Even the purchase of goods and personal items were paid for by the girlfriend. The male idol was accused of being ungenerous with his girlfriend and deceiving fans, taking advantage of their trust for personal purposes. Moreover, Lucas was also accused of gaslighting many people at the same time.

Chinese netizens then quickly discovered the identity of the girl who fired up Lucas’s scandals. Based on the rumors, this is a pretty girl who used to be the owner of a fansite. Specifically, according to the source of a blogger, the first person to speak out about Lucas is a Korean, not just a fansite master, but also a sasaeng fan. This pretty girl has appeared in many fan-taken videos at the airport in 2019. Netizens suspect this fansite in question is 𝗗𝗶𝗿𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗸𝗶𝗹𝗹, which has been closed since 2020.

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Netizens have also dug up an old photo showing that Lucas used to protect a fan at the airport. When this photo surfaced on social media, many fans were angry and yelled at this fansite master because she was standing too close to the male idol. Netizens used to criticize her for being a sasaeng fan disturbing the idol. 

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The ex-girlfriend of Lucas unexpectedly turned out to be the fansite master in the photo, and also a sasaeng fan who has been criticized for a long time. In addition, the girl also updated that last night, Lucas called 3 her times after hearing the news, but she did not answer the phone. Followed by many messages asking to meet the girl’s family to talk and negotiate, however, she refused to meet or discuss any further. It’s known that Lucas made three calls the morning after receiving the news, but A didn’t reply to his phone. The male idol quickly sent texts requesting a meeting with A.

A revealed that she initially believed it was meaningless, no one would believe her, and that the fans would always protect him. Then unexpectedly, he had complicated relationships with many other girls in China. A hoped that no more girls would be cheated on.

Message at 1:20 am on August 25, 2021.

lokass444: 3 missed calls

lokass444: Could you just take a minute to answer the phone? Let’s get together and talk.

Old message on 6/5/2021.
A: You didn’t have any feelings before, but you still hang out and sleep with me, right?

lokass444: I used to like you, honestly.

A reposted the photo in C’s post (Chinese fan, one of the other two girls who exposed him), pointing out that the time when Lucas went back and forth with A was also at the same time with C.

Old message on 6/5/2021

C:(*send link to article report that Lucas was caught going to a bar with a male star) I told you to be careful.

lokass44: Haha. Long time no see you.

lokass44: Ok, I know.

lucas wayv 810729739719730131

Initially, fans assumed that these accusations were made in joke. However, additional events such as SM rushing to cancel Lucas’s schedule and his Chinese fan station announcing the closure have demonstrated the incident’s growing seriousness.

Lucas is from Hong Kong and is currently a member of NCT, WayV, and SuperM. SM Entertainment, his agency, has yet to respond to these rumors, so it is impossible to confirm whether it is true or not.

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