Lee Yoo Mi (Squid Game) once shocked the audience with her sweet kiss with Hani (EXID)

Actress Lee Yoo Mi and Hani (EXID) once had a passionate kiss that made everyone blush.

Recently, Lee Yoo Mi is a very hot name with a role in the blockbuster that is storming across Asia, ‘Squid Game’. The actress is also known for her rare beauty like the late Kpop beauty goddess Sulli.

Most recently, Lee Yoo Mi continued to become the focus of discussion when people dug up her once passionate kissing scenes with the “fancam queen” Hani (EXID). As it turned out, the couple used to work together in the series ‘Young Adults Matter’ and shocked the fans with the emotional and passionate scenes. Through the drama, Hani and the actress also became closer in real life.

Although she only plays a supporting role, Lee Yoo Mi is a name that is as enthusiastically sought thanks to the popularity of ‘Squid Game’.
But few people know that she used to play the role of a lesbian couple with Hani (EXID).
In particular, the passionate kiss scene of the two shocked many netizens

Lee Yoo Mi is actually not a new face to the entertainment world, but she has 12 years of experience in the industry. The actress born in 1994 has participated in many film and television projects such as ‘Korean Peninsula’, ‘Welcome to Waikiki’, ‘Voice 2’, ‘Touch Your Heart’, ‘Doctor John’,… before the success with ‘Squid Game’. In addition, she also reminds the audience with a face that resembles the late singer Sulli.

Source: k14

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