Netizens criticized Jessica Jung for boasting of luxury bag amid her brand’s debt scandal

Former SNSD member Jessica is being criticized by netizens for showing off her Chanel bag.

On Nov 8th, Jessica uploaded a video titled “My Recent Purchases” on her YouTube channel to share the items she bought. In particular, Jessica showed her so-called luxury bag called “Chatech” and said, “Not long after I bought it, the price increased a lot. It seems like I bought this so well.” However, the reaction of some netizens who watched the video was cold.

Chanel recently raised Chatech’s price for the fourth time this year alone, which received complaints such as “Do you see Korean consumers as a pushover?”. Besides, while there are concerns about overheating, Jessica’s boasting of “price increase” may encourage the open run phenomenon.

Jessica Jung new bag

In addition, as the fashion brand “Blanc & Eclare” founded by her boyfriend Tyler Kwon is being embroiled in a legal lawsuit worth billions of won in Hong Kong, her boasting of an expensive luxury bag has become a target of criticism from netizens.

Netizens left comments such as “Repay your debt first before showing off your luxury bag”, “Have the treatment towards employees and the salary issue been resolved?”, “What’s the problem with her using the money she earned?”…

Jessica Jung new bag

Meanwhile, regarding the default lawsuit, Tyler Kwon explained, “It is absurd and unfair. After borrowing funds from Spectra SPC for the first time in 2016, I faithfully paid them back in more than 3 years. Until 2020, due to the spread of the pandemic, I made an agreement with Spectra SPC to delay the loan deadline. However, Spectra SPC transferred the loan to Joy King Enterprises in August without informing me. Then suddenly, Joy King Enterprises contacted me and demanded that I have to pay the money back in 2 weeks.”


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