Netizens consider NCT Taeyong a shame due to his emotional and unprofessional comments on Street Woman Fighter

Many viewers even joked that it would be better if Taeyong (NCT) and Street Woman Fighter contestants swap positions.

Taking on the role of a judge of “Street Woman Fighter” alongside Hwang Sanghoon and singer BoA, Taeyong (NCT) has received many criticisms from the audience for his lack of expertise.


Many people are irritated as Taeyong gradually exposes his limits in his field of expertise. The male idol is thought to be ineligible to judge the other competitors. Netizens were harsh on not just the NCT member, but also the other two judges. Many are questioning whether the evaluation is made objectively because it focuses on subjective impressions such as feeling and atmosphere rather than the professional evaluation of movement and composition. Even though the screentime for evaluation is trivial, the number of evaluations based on “I felt their overwhelming presence” and “the song goes well with the dance” did not satisfy the viewers.


For example, in the 1:1 battle between Yell and Zsun, BoA chose Zsun to win for the following reason: “Only one step was lost, but momentum was regained. That amazed me and made me forget everything else”. Netizens complained that BoA’s comments were overly passionate while Zsun did not demonstrate all of her techniques during the battle.

Taeyong is even worse when from the beginning of the show until now, viewers have not seen NCT’s “dancing machine” make any professional comments. In the No Respect round, Taeyong commented on Leejung (YGX team), saying: “You dance with a smile on your lips”, while even not mentioning another contestant who also danced very well.

Viewers are fed up with the two idol judges’ ‘ridiculous’ comments

Taeyong got a lot of hate since, from the show’s beginning, the male idol’s fans have always boldly bragged that he is highly respected by many professionals and that he is qualified to be a judge. However, what he presented in previous episodes made viewers incredibly dissatisfied.

Some comments from netizens:

  • I’ve never seen them as judges. Anyways their screentime is so negligible that I just don’t care about them. However, I don’t understand the evaluations they give
  • I wouldn’t care if they had 6~7 judges, but they shoved a young idol in a team of 3 judges and I can’t understand what their intentions are? This isn’t about emotional evaluation. They’re deciding who the winners and losers are and he’ll have an influence on deciding who the center is too 
  • No but they’re giving the judges way too much power in influencing with the little number they are. If they were 6~7 people, there wouldn’t have been this much criticism 
  • I agree, the stages are seriously so good, but the judging is a shame 
  • I can only understand why BoA is there. No matter how the comments here are saying that Taeyong is doing a good job or not, these comments are obviously written by fans. As a commoner, I don’t even know who he is. If they were going to put Chaeyeon who is the top dancer among female idols, they should’ve brought the top male dancer among male idols to judge no?… 
  • But the fact that Rihey said she will acknowledge the judges evaluating her, she was only talking about BoAㅋㅋㅋ Me too I acknowledge BoA being there, Hwang Sanghoon is also an experienced dancer, so I don’t really mind him, but Taeyong is honestly the same as those people sitting on the streets watching others perform no? It would’ve been better if he wasn’t a fixed cast and they were to change people every episode as a guest
  • I really hope the finale doesn’t involve the judges
  • Compared to the dancers, all of the judges are a bit lacking, even the MC… But honestly, people who are participants in the show are only there to promote themselves so who caresㅋㅋ
  • Seriously I don’t understand what Taeyong’s judging is based on? 
  • Nobody is judging on the technique or the artistry, they’re just talking about the aura and the strength, etc. To be honest, those judges are so frustrating to watch… They’re gathering all those professional dancers here and they’re getting all those random evaluations. Also, Taeyong isn’t even the top when it comes to idol dancers
  • To be honest, whether they were 3 judges or not or whether they used idols or not, as long as they were giving good evaluations, this would’ve not been a controversyㅇㅇ If they were going to use only 3 people, they need to share the roles, at least one of them should be giving us more constructive criticism and tell us what was happening in the dance. As viewers, the judges need to be able to guide us, if they were able to achieve that, there would’ve been no criticism. 
  • The judges didn’t judge once. They just talk as if they were viewers like us sitting in the corner of their rooms watching TV. They talk like commoners, yet I can’t even relate to a single thing they’re saying 
  • It’s indeed a shame and this week, we’re going to have the first eliminated crew, which will make this issue even worse
  • I’m f*cking tired of this, can we just enjoy this as a variety show?
  • I wouldn’t say I felt embarrassed watching them judge, but I sure didn’t relate to a single evaluation they gave
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