Netizens compare 2 leaders of EXO & BTS: Both are talented & interestingly have a lot in common

Obviously, a group leader is chosen for specific reasons. That person must have special talents and abilities that would make a good leader. RM and Suho are two examples of this!

It’s not easy at all to become a leader and there’s hardly anyone who is willing to volunteer to be a group leader. The reason is that apart from being a singer in his group, a leader needs to take care of other members like a mom, to direct them and to remind them everything from timing to practicing. Most especially, if his group makes any mistakes, the leader is always the first one to take responsibility.
Though the roles of a leader are very difficult and challenging, there are still many excellent group leaders in Kpop. Two most outstanding ones are Suho (EXO) and RM (BTS.
Right now, let’s find out some interesting facts about Suho (EXO) and RM (BTS)!!!


The first one is Suho. He officially became a SM trainee in 2004; in 2012, he officially made a debut and was asked to be EXO’s leader. During the first days of his debut, he was disparaged for being less impressive than other members by netizens, but gradually, he has proved that he is one of the most important factors that help EXO achieve success.
Apart from his ability to become a good leader, Suho is also one of EXO’s top vocalists and he even can act. Before debuting with EXO, Suho used to appear in a movie titled “Attack on the Pin-up Boys” in 2007 and a MV titled “HaHaHa Song” of TVXQ in 2008. In 2016, he also played a main role in “The Universe’s Star,” a special drama of MBC.

RM is not as multi-talented as Suho, but he spends all of his love on music. He started to compose music when he was in junior high school. If he is assigned to compose music right now, the leader of BTS can sit still in the studio for a whole day without caring about anything else. There’s hardly anyone who knows that RM is a member of Big Hit’s production team and the main music composer of BTS.

He has composed over 80 songs that were recognized by Korea Music Copyright Association.


Most of Suho’s colleagues remark that he is a very polite and respectful person. He always does 90-degree bow to greet everyone. He even bows politely to greet this fans as well as sasaeng fans.
Most of EXO members feel that Suho is a kind and warm brother with a cute personality. He is very friendly and always treats people nicely. But sometimes, this guy has some “crazy moments” which make his brothers very confused.

Suho is always friendly and loves his younger brothers very much…
… but in fact, he is sometimes very “crazy”!
On the other hand, RM is a humorous and extremely “crazy” person. But he must be “crazy” to get along with Bangtan boys, right? In contrast to his carefulness mindfulness in composing music, RM is very clumsy and absent-minded in his real life.

Everything that he touches is immediately broken. Therefore, his fans laugh so hard when they see “embarrassing” moments of the BTS’s leader.
He must be “crazy” to get along with Bangtan boys!


In terms of leadership skills, both of them are highly rated by netizens. The boys have their own unique characteristics to make others love and believe in them. While Suho is always like a caring mom of EXO, RM is a big brother who always supports and takes care of his younger brothers.
Before debuting, Suho proved that he was a responsible brother by taking care of the group members. He often bought some food and arranged group meals so that all members could talk and relax after practicing. At present, whenever he introduces himself, he always calls himself an “omma” (in Korean: mother) of EXO. To EXO, Suho is always generous; he is willing to pay…without any hesitation if his brothers like anything.

Baekhyun says to him that he wants to go to the toilet
His leader immediately asks the director if they are allowed to go to the toilet then
“Ok! Go quickly, I will keep your seat!”
D.O wants to eat sausage…
Without hesitation, the leader gives him his credit card to pay
If his brothers have any troubles, he will rush to give them a hand!
Netizens were very moved because RM chose to stay with BTS when Bang PB asked him if he would like to be a solo artist, though his dream was to become a professional rapper. He also helped Taehyun finish his song 4 O’Clock. He was only in charge of the rapping part and a small singing part, and the rest was done by Taehyung
When Bang PD asked if he’d like to become a solo artist, RM chose BTS instead of his solo career
And even when the “clumsy” Jimin forgot his luggage on a bus during their concert tour in Europe and didn’t know what to do, Rap Monster quickly and quietly called the Embassy to ask for help. What a true leader!
His youngest brother forgot his luggage on a bus in Europe, don’t worry, the “multilingual goddess”. RM is here, let him take care of it.
“I am here, there’s nothing for you to worry about…”

But Suho & RM are also the victims of other members’ trolling…

Though both of them are powerful group leaders and brothers that other members respect the most, Suho and RM are sometimes the victims of their younger brothers’ unlimited trolling.
D.O used to reveal that his leader was a very boring story teller. Whenever he tells a story, other members are… speechless and numb because they don’t know how to react. Especially, Sehun is the one who always makes his brother embarrassed. When Suho said “Sehun is like my bloody younger brother”, Sehun responded without any hesitation: “I already have a brother”; or when Suho said “Though many fans are sitting far away, I can still see them”, Sehun immediately replied: “Liar!” which made him half laugh and half cry.

Sehun always loves to make his brother embarrassed without any hesitation

To BTS, “speaking ill of” or “embarrassing” one another is very popular, but it is an interesting way to bring them closer. RM is not an exception as he has always been trolled by his younger brothers. Once, when an MC asked RM if other members loved him, the boys showed innocent faces and said “No”, which made RM totally speechless.
He’s a leader but always trolled like that…
It’s true that both of the boys have some differences in their characteristics, leadership methods and the ways they take care of other members, but Suho and RM deserve to become proud leaders of their group. So, how can we compare these two wonderful leaders?

Suho: A warm leader and a caring mom that EXO can’t live without

RM: A talented and fearless leader who always supports his brothers
More than anyone else, a leader is a stable shoulder for his group members to rely on whenever they are tired and a person who inspires and brings them more faiths to keep chasing their dreams. As outstanding group leaders in K-pop, both Suho and RM are doing all of these things very well, aren’t they?

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