Netizens cheered as G-Dragon announces comeback in 2023

While numerous artists opt to leave YG, BIGBANG G-Dragon will be making his return, 5 years after the solo album Kwon Jiyoung

On January 1st, 2023, G-Dragon excited fans by announcing that he will make an official return with a full album. Amid news of other artists leaving YG Entertainment and the debut of a new girl group, G-Dragon is the only member of BIGBANG to remain in YG. Now, with his new announcement, it seems that G-Dragon is sticking with the agency. 

G-Dragon will return with “GUERRILLA DESK : G_Division”

In particular, in a recently published YouTube video, G-Dragon said himself that he’s preparing for a new album and that various promotional activities will be conducted in 2023, 5 years after his last album Kwon Jiyong. At the same time, G-Dragon expressed regrets that BIGBANG was unable to perform any stage for their newest single, “Still Life”. 

 G-Dragon’s gift for fans in 2023

In particular, the male idol said that it has been a long time since he last saw fans, expressed his regrets for being unable to promote “Still Life”, and announced his plans in 2023. 

According to G-Dragon, he will be meeting with fans a lot more in 2023, and is currently preparing for a new album. 

G-Dragon’s youthful visuals 
The BIGBANG member also published the comeback teaser on his Instagram account 

Immediately after G-Dragon’s announcement, fans expressed their joy, having waited for years after years. Meanwhile, YG also shared G-Dragon’s video, showing that G-Dragon is still an artist under them. 

Below are some comments from netizens 

  • BIGBANG is legendary and G-Dragon’s last solo was seriously addicting! I can’t wait!
  • Kwon Jiyong (real name of G-Dragon) making a comeback? 2023 is cured again. 
  • It has been half a decade. I can’t wait!
  • The video is reposted by YG so I guess that means G-Dragon is still under YG Entertainment?
  • G-Dragon is basically the one who built YG. Since he stays, I guess the company will be fine
  • All my waiting is worthwhile… As long as Jiyoung releases new music…


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