Netizens argue over the rankings of BTS and BLACKPINK on the chart of Billboard

Billboard’s chart of the best Kpop songs in 2020 by music critics caused a lot of controversies because BTS did not occupy a high position, and Blackpink was even not on the list.

BTS and BLACKPINK on the chart of Billboard

Recently, Billboard’s critics have released a chart of the top 20 best Kpop songs in 2020. However, the rankings of these songs caused a lot of controversies

20/ I love you- TREASURE.

19/ I’m good at goodbyes – BIBI.

18/ Bedlam – Lee Jin Hyuk.

17/ LALALILALA – April.

16/ Can’t You See Me – TXT.


14/ pporappippam – Sunmi.

13/ Jogging – LUCY.

12/ Criminal – TAEMIN.

11/ Good Guy – SF9.

10/ Back Door – Stray Kids.

9/ Tag Me – Weeekly.

8/ Black Swan – BTS.

7/ I can’t stop me – TWICE.


5/ COOL – Weki Meki.


3/ Left & Right – SEVENTEEN.

2/ Dumhdurum – APINK.


Thus, looking at the chart, it can be seen that the No. 1 and No. 2 positions do not belong to Kpop famous groups like BTS, Blackpink.  Meanwhile, the Big Hit boys ranked only at No. 8, Blackpink unexpectedly did not have any songs on this chart.

Many controversies broke out.  According to Kpop fans, EVERGLOW’s LA DI DA does not deserve the first place and beat all the other strong competitors.  Because in terms of prominence and awards, LA DI DA of EVERGLOW cannot be compared with other songs by Blackpink or BTS.

Blackpink’s fans were also very surprised when the list had 20 songs, but none of the songs were from 4 YG girls.  Meanwhile, 2020 is a successful year for Blackpink with many quality products but no songs of them appeared on Billboard’s chart. And BTS fans were not satisfied with the idol’s 8th place on the chart.  In addition, some people thought that BTS’s Dynamite should have appeared on the Billboard chart because this hit reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for so many days.

Sources: laodong

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