Netizens are questioning MONSTA X’s victory on Music Bank

Not only MONSTA X, even the fans and passersby are also surprised at this surprising victory.

“Shoot Out”, the title track of MONSTA X, has officially brought the group’s first win on music show. What makes this victory so special is that the score gap is “unbelievable” compared to “BBIBBI” of the “digital queen” IU.

MONSTA X’s spectacular victory against IU

The fans left a lot of encouraging comments as well as congratulated Monsta X on famous music show like Music Bank. Even so, Kpop fan community has also united to bring the hashtag #HotOut4thWin to #1 on Twitter’s top trend, surpassing EXO’s “Tempo” hashtag for comeback stage.

All of the above proved, the victory on Music Bank of MONSTA X was very impressive and made fans as well as the boys of Starship themselves hardly contain their joy before the victory on Music Bank.

ShootOut4thWin leads the trend on Twitter and is the most tweeted hashtag, surpassing the hashtag regarding the comeback of EXO.

However, with a group that owns digital rank on Melon charts too low as MONSTA X, netizens began to question the overwhelming victory over “digital queen” IU and why their hashtag was even hotter that the return of the “physical king” EXO. In fact, “Shoot Out” is still #592 on Melon, an achievement that is a little bit “moderate”!

Achievement of “Shoot Out” on Melon
Netizens questioned the victory of MONSTA X on Music Bank:

  • “What is this?”
  • “I like this song, but I have to admit that it is not very popular and it has very few listeners.”
  • “Music Bank is always thinking of ways to get money from some male groups!”
  • “How did a #592 song jump to #1?”
    However, there are some people who still show support for the group:
  • “You think they gave awards based on MelOn?”
  • “There is no doubt that Monsta X won #1 on Music Bank ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

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