Netizens are debating whether Suzy or Jisoo is the beauty standard of South Korea

These 2 famous beauties of K-Pop are the representatives for 2 totally different styles.

Recently, on FMKorea forum, Korean netizens have had the chance to debate about Suzy and Jisoo (BLACKPINK)’s visual. Both are currently the most beautiful faces of Korean showbiz. If Suzy is seen as the “nation’s first love” with a pure and soft beauty, Jisoo also a strong competitor with her graceful and delicate visual.

Suzy is famous for her innocent, bright and pure image.
Jisoo’s elegant and delicate visual has received many compliment from netizens.

To find out who is the “standard beauty” of South Korea between Suzy and Jisoo, netizens have had a heated debate. Many said that Suzy’s facial features might not be sharp and strong but it gave off a soft, dearing, and natural feeling. It has been 10 years since her debut, she is still a legendary visual in her fans’ hearts. Nowadays, this born-in-1994 lady is getting more and more mature and alluring.

Suzy is loved by Korean fans for her natural beauty
Suzy’s beauty is even more alluring through time…
…But she still have that note of purity.

On the other hand, Jisoo is attractive is a totally different way. Fans commented that the facial features of BLACKPINK’s eldest are very sharp and elegant. Jisoo’s beauty reminds us of Eugene, a member of the legendary girl group S.E.S who used to be called “the goddess of K-Pop”. Many netizens even said that Jisoo’s visual is rare and even reaches “actress-quality visual”.

Jisoo is a famous beauty among the 3rd generation K-Pop idols.
She has had many moments where she is as gorgeous as a goddess on stage.
Jisoo’s legendary side profile.

After this, netizens all came to the conclusion that both Suzy and Jisoo are on the same level but different in their own way. However, if they have to choose 1 who fits the eyes of Korean fans more, Suzy is the winner. This ex-member of Miss A is still hot on media sources and SNS even though she has almost stopped her singing career. She’s always surrounded by commercial, event and movie contracts. At the same time, Jisoo is gorgeous but is neglected by YG and is usually seen as the background for Jennie and Lisa. Also, Suzy’s fans debated that her skin and bare face is better than Jisoo.

Sources: ione

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