Netizens analyzed Miyeon’s reaction when watching BLACKPINK’s performance.

Had a chance to be part of BLACKPINK, but in the end, Miyeon debuted with (G) I-DLE.  Therefore, her expression when looking at her former teammates’ performance was noticed.

Miyeon was a trainee with BLACKPINK and used to be a bright candidate to debut in the YG girl group.  However, she left the company and debuted as the main vocal of (G) I-DLE in 2018.  Since BLACKPINK rarely participates in awards ceremonies, Miyeon and her former teammates do not have many opportunities to meet each other.

Miyeon's reaction when watching BLACKPINK’s performance

The Golden Disc Awards 2019 (GDA 2019) is a rare opportunity for both groups to attend, but Miyeon caught the attention with strange expressions while watching the YG girls’ performance.

At the awards ceremony that year, BLACKPINK performed 2 songs, DDU-DU DDU-DU and Forever Young.  At first, Miyeon gently nodded to the music, but then she sat still as a statue.  The female idol watched the performance with an emotionless, cold expression, despite the members (G) I-DLE and TWICE sitting in the same area were all excited at the performance.

Miyeon's reaction when watching BLACKPINK’s performance. 3
Miyeon's reaction when watching BLACKPINK’s performance.
Miyeon's reaction when watching BLACKPINK’s performance.

Miyeon and BLACKPINK used to have many years of practice together, old photos show that they were quite close.  But she did not show any emotion when watching her old friends perform, so netizens felt extremely confused. Therefore, many people analyzed female idol’s expressions.

Miyeon's reaction when watching BLACKPINK’s performance.

Someone felt embarrassed for Miyeon when she had to watch the group, in which she almost debuted, performing as a famous star, while she was a rookie at the time.  Someone guessed the (G) I-DLE member reminisced about the past and regretted it, because Miyeon should have appeared on that stage as well, but now they have their own paths.

Someone even guessed that Miyeon had recorded the song Forever Young with BLACKPINK.  This song was recorded in 2015 – 1 year before the YG girl group debuted.  However, this information was denied because the (G) I-DLE member left YG around mid-2015, and Forever Young was first heard in late November of the same year.

Miyeon's reaction when watching BLACKPINK’s performance.

However, some netizens denied that Miyeon often sat still, not expressing her emotions when watching the performances of the artists, not just BLACKPINK.  At the end of the performance, she still clapped her hands and cheered for her former teammates.  The female idol born in 1997 once said that BLACKPINK sent a congratulatory message on her debut in (G) I-DLE, showing that they are still good friends.

Miyeon's reaction when watching BLACKPINK’s performance.

Netizens commented:

 – Miyeon focuses on watching them.  I don’t know what she thinks, but I hope she’s not upset because (G) I-DLE is where she belongs.

 – I get confused when I watch Miyeon.  she practiced with Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, recorded Forever Young together, and ended up having to watch them perform the song she was supposed to perform.

–   People just overanalyze things and try to make it look like they hate each other but in reality, they are best friends.

– There is just awkwardness, like the ones you see your old coworkers while u are with your new coworkers.

– Minnie and Yuqi both went to Blackpink’s concert and Miyeon wasn’t there – it would be weird of her not to support the BP girls if they were friends.

– Miyeon and Lisa were very close when they were trainees. All the girls congratulated her on her debut.

Just as stated it might have been because of the awkwardness. They were supposed to debut together but she was abruptly removed from the lineup. So it’s not a surprise that they are a bit awkward with each other. Moreover, it seems like Jisoo and Miyeon were particularly close to each other.

– Miyeon must be uncomfortable, I mean, who doesn’t want to be a part of BLACKPINK?

 – I’m not saying that Miyeon regrets.  But she probably misses her friend.  They practiced together, sharing stories and food together.  That is not something to be taken lightly.  They share a common memory.  I really hope in the future they can interact and reunite.

Sources: kenh 14

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