Netizens accused Kim Yoo Jung’s new drama ‘Hong Chun Gi’ of plagiarizing a Chinese drama

Chinese netizens believe that Kim Yoo Jung’s Hong Chun Gi copied the idea from the masterpiece Love And Redemption.

Hong Chun Gi is probably one of the most prominent Korean dramas at the moment. However, recently, Hong Chun Gi has encountered the first controversy after 6 episodes. According to Insight, Chinese netizens accused all of the costumes, props, and special effects to be plagiarized from Chinese dramas.

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Accordingly, Chinese netizens believe that the hanbok that the main character (Kim Yoo Jung) wears is a copy of the Ming Dynasty costume. In addition, there are also opinions that the costumes and props of the two main characters are copied from the famous masterpiece Love And Redemption.

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Furthermore, they allege that thr ink drawings and special effects are all “stolen” from various Chinese Tv dramas. Such statements were made not just by Chinese netizens, but also by certain Chinese online media. This is not the first time this has happened. When the Joseon Dynasty god emerged in the Kingdom series, Chinese netizens claimed he was their own. Besides, the Chinese audience insisted that hanbok and kimchi originated in China.

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Hong Chun Gi airs every Monday and Tuesday night on SBS.

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