Netflix will pay 1 million won to each of the victims of the phone number revealed in “Squid Game”

Apart from its great success globally, Netflix’s original drama “Squid Game” is causing people to become victims unexpectedly.

After a specific mobile phone number is detected on a business card in the drama, people who use similar numbers are suffering from prank calls every day. In response to the incident, Netflix promised to solve the problem. In addition, attention has been drawn to the amount of 1- million-won settlement money mentioned in Netflix’s statement.

On September 24, Money Today pointed out that there were several victims who received a lot of anonymous calls due to a scene from “Squid Game”. According to the report, victim A complained about his pain of getting 2,000 calls and texts in a day.


Those who made prank calls to this person are said to be mostly young teenagers. They contacted A all the time, cursing and saying things like “I will participate in the Squid Game”.

In fact, A is not the only victim. Another victim, B, was also targeted for prank calls because B has a similar mobile phone to the one in the drama.

It is said that B received prank calls starting from September 17. B claimed, “ On the next day, I asked Netflix to solve this situation, and they mentioned an amount of 1-million-won settlement money”

This person continued, “I think they are trying to pay about 3 million won for the damages under the Personal Information Protection Act and end this issue. I even asked for an injunction to ban the broadcasting, but they said it’s difficult to do so. It seems like they want to make an agreement rather than dealing with a lawsuit.”


In the case of victim C, who owns another number similar to the one in the drama, C complained that this situation is absurd because he has been using this number for 10 years.

Moreover, C reported that he is constantly being contacted 24 hours a day, making his battery run out in just half a day.

In response to such damages, Netflix stated, “Both Netflix and the production company Siren Pictures are aware of the problem. We will do our best to solve this.”

However, the damages keep on increasing, and no practical solution has been done yet.

Meanwhile, the business card scene appears for several seconds in the 1st and the 2nd episodes of “Squid Game”.


After the airing of the drama, the part when Ki Hun (Lee Jung Jae) checked the business card he received from an unidentified man was shared on SNS, which led to the damages.

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