Netflix responded to the controversy over a bank account exposure in “Squid Game”, “We had cooperated with the owner in advance”

Netflix has just released a response to the allegation of leaking a personal bank account.

According to reports by News1 on September 27, Netflix, the distributor and broadcaster of “Squid Game”, stated, “We had cooperated with the owner to have the account appear in the drama since the production stage”. Therefore, Netflix claimed that they did not use any personal account number without permission.

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Earlier, a post was uploaded on the notice board of an online community titled, “The owner of Squid Game’s 45.6-billion-won bank account”. The author of this post claimed that the account appearing in “Squid Game” was actually a real one, raising suspicions that the drama’s production team might have used this number without permission.

Meanwhile, on September 23, A, whose phone number was exposed in “Squid Game”, complained and sparked controversies. At that time, victim A reported that he was having a difficult life since he kept on receiving calls and text messages after his mobile number appeared in “Squid Game”.

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In response, the production company of “Squid Game”, Cyron Pictures, and Netflix said, “We are aware of the problem and will try our best to solve it.”

Meanwhile, “Squid Game” is a 9-episode drama. It tells the story of people who risk their lives participating in a mysterious survival game in order to become the last winner of 45.6 billion won. All episodes of this drama were released on Netflix on September 17 and is gaining popularity in Korea and all over the world. In addition, it ranked No.1 in the TOP10 TV program category in Korea and many in foreign countries.

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