Netflix movie ‘Seoul Grand Operation​’ (Director Moon Hyun Seong) has completed the casting lineup

A series of famous actors such as Yoo Ah In; Ko Kyung Pyo; Lee Kyu Hyung; Ong Seong Wo;,… will participate in the drama ‘Seoul Grand Operation’.

On the 25th, ‘Seoul Grand Operation​’ unveiled its cast. Yoo Ah In; Ko Kyung Pyo; Lee Kyu Hyung; Park Joo Hyeon; Ong Seong Woo; Kim Seong Gyun; Jung Woong In; and Moon SoRi have confirmed their appearances.

‘Seoul Grand Operation’ is an action blockbuster about car-racing. The story is set in the 1988 Seoul Olympics and will revolve around the work of dealing with the VIP slush-funded stealing operation of baby drivers in Sanggye Dong.

Yoo Ah In plays the role of ‘Dongwook’, the strongest drifter who is the leader of the Sanggye Dong crew. Ko Kyung Pyo has been cast as DJ Woo Sam. Woo Sam is the source of Sanggye Dong crew’s sensibility.

Lee Kyu Kyung plays ‘Bok Nam’ who knows the geography of Seoul perfectly. Park Joo Hyeon becomes Dong Wook (Yoo Ah In)’s younger sister, Yoon Hee. Yoon Hee is the president of the largest bike club in Seoul.

Ong Seong Woo takes on the role of ‘Joon Gi’. Joon Gi is like Dong Wook’s younger brother and MacGyver in Sanggye Dong. Kim Seong Gyun transforms into ‘Lee Director’ who plays a key role in the transport of slush funds.

Jung Woong In plays the character of the chief prosecutor set to play a decisive role in the operation of Sanggye Dong crew. Moon SoRi becomes ‘Chairman Kang’, the secret power of VIPs and a big player in the debenture market.

Meanwhile, the director of the heartwarming movie ‘Korea’ and the comedy investigation action play ‘The King’s Case Book’, Moon Hyun Seong, will be the one directing the film.

Audiences can look forward to Seoul in 1988, exciting and rhythmic old-school hip-hop, and adrenaline-explosive old car drift action.

Source: Dispatch

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