Netflix confirms that ‘Squid Game’ is on track to set the record for the best Korean series in history

‘Squid Game’ will most likely take home the world’s top record for Korean movies.

With so much coverage, the Korean Netflix blockbuster ‘Squid Game’ is taking the world by storm. The series is mentioned constantly everywhere, making many viewers curious and excited. Not only reaching a large coverage in Asia, ‘Squid Game’ also has a great influence on the audience in Europe – America. The series became the first Korean ones to reach the top 1 trending position on the US Netflix chart, making Korean audiences widen their eyes.

Not only attracting, ‘Squid Game’ is also on track to set a great record for Netflix. Specifically, this Korean drama could become the most-watched movie on Netflix.

squid game

Netflix co-chairman – Mr. Ted Sarandos had a share that made the public stir. According to him, ‘Squid Game’ will definitely become Netflix’s most successful foreign-language film. This proves that ‘Squid Game’ is easily surpassing ‘Money Heist’ – the series is holding this record position with 65 million families watching within the first 28 days of its release.

Ted Sarandos even added that “there is a high probability that Squid Game will become our most successful series”. Currently, Netflix’s most-watched series is ‘Bridgerton’ with 82 million households watched in the first 28 days. Netflix’s measurement system will count 1 view if the account only needs to watch 2 minutes of the movie.

As of September 28, ‘Squid Game’ is the hottest series on Netflix, far surpassing the name released on the same day as ‘Sex Education 3’ (according to Flixpatrol). Fancy death games along with interesting concepts and excellent acting are the points that make ‘Squid Game’ attract attention. At the same time, many details in the series were cleverly installed by the crew, causing the audience to have to watch it over and over again.

After its release, ‘Squid Game’ faced many accusations of plagiarism from the audience. Many people compare the film to Japanese survival series like ‘As The Gods Will’ and’ Alice in Borderland.  However, the performance of ‘Squid Game’ is surprisingly far beyond the two Japanese names mentioned above.

On IMDb, ‘Squid Game’ currently has a score of 8.3/10 with about 36,000 votes.  Meanwhile, ‘As The Gods Will’ is rated 6.4/10 points with 5.4 thousand votes.  ‘Alice in Borderland’ is rated 7.7/10 with 25,000 votes.

Gganbu – the 6th episode of Squid Game with the marbles shooting game is the highest-rated episode of this series on IMDb. This episode is rated 9.4/10 with nearly 2500 votes.

squid game
Gganbu – episode 6 is the highest-rated episode of ‘Squid Game’.

‘’Squid Game’ has now released all episodes on Netflix.

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