Neither fame nor money, this is what Kang Daniel (Wanna One) needs the most

Though it is a very simple wish, but so far, Kang Daniel hasn’t been able to make it come true completely.

In the “Wanna One Go” show broadcasted on 17 November of Mnet, “the national visual” Kang Daniel shared about what he wanted in his current life and his own feelings for the busy schedules. When asked what he would do in his free time, the young singer quickly answered: “Right now, I just want to sleep. I don’t want to do anything, just sleep. I don’t even need to use the bathroom”.

Wanna One, Kang Daniel,
Kang Danile did not hesitate to share about his “hidden corners” behind his busy schedules.

As the fame of Wanna One and Kang Daniel is spreading more and more widely, their schedules are also overloading. All of the Kpop audience know that, this young man is one of the hottest idols in the Korean music industry. That Kang Daniel continuously appears in many variety and reality show is the reason for his being unable to arrange some time for himself.

Wanna One, Kang Daniel, Haha
Continuously appears in many Korean entertainment shows together with his performance and activity schedules with the group.
wanna one, kang daniel, sleep, teaste
That’s why Kang Daniel has no time to relax and recover.

It is said that, this is not the 1st time that the “center” of Wanna One expressed his “sleeping wish” on the show. Before, on “Dangerous Beyond the Blankets” show in August, Kang Daniel also shared about his tiredness of his and the group’s busy schedules. He said: “Sometimes, I think that, I wish I had a whole day to be free and relax”.

wanna one, Kcon17LA, Kang daniel, 2017
In spite of his nonstop and even overloaded working, Kang Daniel is the one who has the lowest salary among Wanna One’s members.

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