NCT’s Taeyong begged sasaeng fans to stop calling him in recent Instagram live

Taeyong was scared and frustrated because his privacy was not respected. 

On March 19, NCT’s Taeyong had an Instagram live broadcast to chat with fans. However, he kept receiving calls from sasaeng fans that caused the mic on his phone to be muted. 

Taeyong could not hold back and had to directly call out those who continued to call him using unknown numbers from the US. Taeyong’s expressions show that he is extremely annoyed and distressed at being interrupted by sasaeng fans. 

Taeyong then begged sasaeng fans to stop calling him in English. Although the live got muted, fans can still read Taeyong’s lips as he said, “Please don’t call me. That’s so rude. I’m really scared, so please don’t call me. If you know my number, please don’t call me, please…”

Taeyong’s fans have also expressed their anger regarding this issue and repeatedly asked other fans to not cross the boundaries and respect Taeyong’s privacy. 

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