NCT DoJaeJung’s Visuals Impress Fans in Latest Concept Images for “Perfume” Mini Album

NCT DoJaeJung’s teaser photo has been released.

NCT DoJaeJung’s Jaemin, Jeno, and Jungwoo’s visuals have caught the attention of fans with their mature and deep charm amid the laid-back atmosphere.

NCT DoJaeJung

As part of the album “Perfume,” NCT DoJaeJung has sequentially released three concept images: Top Note, Middle Note, and Base Note. Following the trendy Top Note concept, the group showcased the warm and soft sensibility of the three members, receiving a hot response from fans.

NCT DoJaeJung’s first mini-album “Perfume” features a total of six songs of various genres with a focus on love, including the title track “Perfume.” The song is an impressive R&B-electro-punk genre with NCT DoJaeJung’s diverse acapella vocals, delivering a message of leaving their own scent to their loved one.

In addition to digital release on various music sites on April 17th at 6 pm, “Perfume” will also be available in offline record stores. Fans can currently pre-order the album both online and offline.

Source: Daum

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