NCT-127 will have a comeback in September with the new song ‘Sticker’

NCT 127 continues their global hit march with the new song ‘Sticker’.


NCT-127 will release its 3rd full-length album ‘Sticky Sticker’ at 1 pm on September 17. Fans can also listen to this album on major music platforms.

The album “Sticky Sticker” has the title song of the same name “Sticker”. It is a song in the hip-hop dance genre with an intense bassline and rhythmic vocals, harmonized on top of an addictive signature flute sound.

Hitmaker Yoo Young-jin was majored in writing and composing the lyrics of this song. Famous American producer Dem Joins also participated in composing and completed a unique sound. Especially, the rap part of this song has the participation in composing by two members of NCT-127 Mark and Taeyong.

The lyrics are filled with affection for someone who is in love. It’s about being with a lover who becomes the focal point of a tangled universe. It conveys that the two will write their own history.

Expectations of the public for the group are extremely high. On the 23rd, the album’s pre-orders alone surpassed 1,329,000 copies in just one pre-order day. This has proved the super strength of NCT-127’s fandom.

Comment on NCT-127’s new achievement, Forbes, a leading US economic magazine, said: “NCT-127’s new album ‘Sticky Sticker’ isn’t slated to drop for more than three weeks, but it has already become a bestseller in the band’s home country of South Korea, proving once again that they rank as one of the most popular musical acts in the nation…and beyond.”

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