NCT 127 is mistaken for BTS and the true position of BTS in the US

The boy group NCT 127 with a large number of members has just come to the US to attend the show Good Morning America. However, they were mistaken for BTS.

On April 19, the SM Entertainment’s group NCT 127 came to the US to appear on Good Morning America. In the show, they introduced their new album We Are Superhuman.

NCT 127 is mistaken for BTS and the true position of BTS in the US

In addition, NCT 127 also appeared in Times Square to take part in shooting for an upcoming show. While walking in the middle of Times Square, they attracted a crowd of fans and some other people who were curious about the Kpop group.

A fan clarified the members of NCT 127: “They are NCT!”, the idol singer Mark of the group politely replied: “Sorry, we are not BTS.”.

The video about this incident has caused controversy on Twitter. Some Kpop fans were angry when every Kpop music group who went to the US is mistaken for BTS. They think this is disrespect to other artists.

Earlier, when Monsta X was honored to perform at iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2018 at Madison Square Garden, New York, an American reporter asked them some questions about BTS, making the members very confused and annoyed.

However, there are other people saying that this proves the popularity of BTS in the US is only temporary, the American public is curious about BTS but they cannot recognize BTS’s members or the difference between BTS and other groups.

“This just goes to show the amount of people who are only interested in BTS for clout. They haven’t even bothered to look into the group, or even know the number of members, like come on! It does a disservice to both groups and NCT shouldn’t have to apologise for other people’s ignorance. Anyways, I wish the remainder of NCT’s promotions/tour are a success.”

“It shows that even though BTS made it in the US, they actually didn’t… that’s sad… Do they even know how many members BTS have? BTS must be just a trend. America is like that. Just like these german people who say yummy to all foreign cuisines cause it’s better than their own stuff.”

“They had the biggest impact in the US other than Psy. Paved the way is about impact not who started it or did it first. BTS impact meant more doors being opened to more kpop acts globally. For a lot of locals or unfamiliar people, BTS is the only Kpop group they know about if any. It’s like back in 2012 when people thought kpop only consisted of Psy and Gangnam Style. This type of stuff happening does not come across as unexpected. If fans want people to know who the group is, that’s their responsibility to educate others like what that one fan did.”

NCT 127 is mistaken for BTS and the true position of BTS in the US

Meanwhile, NCT 127 performed live the title song Superhuman in Good Morning America. Previously, BTS and BlackPink did not sing live. The mini album We Are Superhuman of NCT includes five other songs, which will be released online on May 24. NCT 127 is also doing their world tour and they will have a tour in North America next week in Newark.

Sources: allkpop, zing

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