Nayeon (TWICE)’s controversial fashion on a magazine photoshoot

TWICE is a group with a pure concept but the stylist has given Nayeon too short and revealing clothes.

Nayeon is the cover face of Nylon Korea August editiong. This is her first solo appearance on a magazine ever since her debut with TWICE. The visual from JYP appears in very light makeup to accentuate her sweet and pure vibe but her outfit is quite uncomfortable to some. In a close-up shot, Nayeon wore a top with very thin straps. For full-body shots, she was in a body-tight shirt/dress which is too short. Nayeon even had to pull the dress down to avoid revealing too much.

Nayeon’s outfit is said to be too sexy.

Fans are quite upset by this sexy concept from Nayeon and have left many comments on SNS: “Are you sure this is a pure and innocent concept?”, “Why is Nayeon wearing such a short item of clothing?”, “She also seems uncomfortable in that dress that she even has to pull it down”, “Stylists should be more careful with this kind of outfit, this is a shirt, not a dress”…

This is her first time appearing along on a magazine ever since her debut.

Nayeon has also done a short interview and talked about how to be more confident. The TWICE member said: “I love myself even though there are countless people who are more beautiful than me. There are parts of myself that I don’t like and can’t stop thinking about. However, I accept them and think about them as quirks that only I have”. Nayeon’s answer is complimented by many Korean netizens.

On July 17th, TWICE announced an addition of 12 more nights for their world tour, from Oct 2019 to Feb 2020. Fans are worried by the girls’ health condition due to the tight concert schedule.

Source: iOne

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