NATURE REPUBLIC ends its contract with EXO after 8 years, could it be because of Chen’s marriage?

NATURE REPUBLIC breaks ties with the idol group EXO, who have been working as exclusive models for the brand for about eight years.

On January 16th, according to the cosmetics industry, NATURE REPUBLIC has decided not to extend its exclusive contract with EXO, which expires on the 29th of next month, despite the fact that EXO have been exclusive models of Nature Republic since 2013.

NATURE REPUBLIC is reportedly notifying their store owners of the contract expiration and encouraging the consumption of collaborative products with EXO in their stores.

Last month, Nature Republic released the Winter Special Edition of ‘EXO Edition Water Tint’ in collaboration with EXO. The cosmetics brand is also developing a global concept of a make-up color tone called ’12 Shades of Light’.

Some say the decision to not extend the eight-year contract was due to the sudden marriage of EXO’s main vocal Chen and his being expecting a child.

On the 13th, Chen posted a hand letter about his marriage with his wife who is not a celebrity. Since then, the news has taken over the top real-time search terms on lots of online sites. When his wedding became known, some fans even asked Chen to leave the group.

Nature Public’s representative explained, “It is difficult to say exactly when our contract with EXO expires, but it is expected to expire in this spring.” and “The reason of ending contract has nothing to do with the recent issue.”

The matter of who will become Nature Republic’s next model after EXO also gained a lot of attention. The representative said, “Natural Public new model has not yet been decided yet.”

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