“Nation’s First Love” Suzy celebrates her 12th debut anniversary with congratulations from fans, “I’ll stay healthy and show better sides…” 

Suzy shows off her pure beauty with bare face on her 12th debut anniversary!

Suzy posted several photos on her Instagram on July 2nd along with the caption, “Thank you for congratulating me on my 12th anniversary, my sweet fans! I will continue to carry out activities healthily and show you better performances in the future. I love you”.

The released photos show Suzy being surrounded by gifts from fans in celebration of her 12th debut anniversary. The actress appeared with her pure beauty with no makeup and natural hair before styling.

Her fashion on that day was also basic. Wearing only simple jeans and a cotton shirt, Suzy still looks fashionable and pretty.

suzy instagram

Meanwhile, “Anna”, starring Suzy, tells about a woman who begins living a completely different life due to her small lie. It releases new episodes every Friday on Coupang Play.

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