“National pride or true popularity?” Jennie’s Cannes outfit discussed on information program

An information program looked into the buzz surrounding BLACKPINK Jennie, who gained attention at the Cannes Film Festival.

On May 26th, IHQ’s OTT platform “Babayo” and IHQ’s official YouTube channel aired the 9th episode of “Two Much Talkers” live at 1 PM (KST).


On the show, MCs Son Mun Seon (announcer) and Hwang Young Jin (comedian) were joined by Jeong Hye Jin (Head of IHQ Legal Affairs) and journalist Choi Jeong Ah. Here, it was mentioned that on May 22nd (local time), BLACKPINK Jennie garnered attention by attending the red carpet event and after-party as a cast member for HBO’s “The Idol” at the 76th Cannes Film Festival.

Regarding this, Hwang Young Jin remarked, “Is this ‘national pride’ or ‘true popularity’?”, while reporter Choi Jeong Ah responded, “Jennie’s popularity is spreading globally.”


She also added, “Even before Jennie officially appeared at Cannes, she already received tremendous attention, and the world’s interest has been focused on her day and night.”

The discussion also touched upon the controversy surrounding “The Idol” and an analysis of Jennie’s role in the drama. In particular, Hwang Young Jin asked, “They say the work has a high level (of exposure), right?”

Hearing this, Choi Jeong Ah explained, “In fact, when the work was first released globally, it drew attention because of its explicit content. However, Jennie doesn’t have explicit scenes. She took on a role that avoided controversy over explicitness.”


Furthermore, there were discussions about the dress that Jennie personally chose for Cannes. Jennie wore a Chanel dress before the world premiere screening. Jennie personally chose the dress. It was Jennie’s idea to lower the mesh part that wraps around the shoulders and create an off-shoulder style.

It is also known that the price of the large Chanel black hairband that Jennie wore is 1.17 million won, the three rings she wore cost about 36 million won, and the shoes are said to be about 1 million won.

Mentioning the dress, Choi Jeong Ah stated, “The price of the dress is unknown,” and added, “Excluding the dress, the accessories alone were worth around 40 million won (approx 30,000 USD), showcasing her exceptional fashion sense.”

Jennie’s after-party outfit also gathered great attention. She wore a revealing long skirt that goes up to the thighs. Because it’s Jennie, she received praise for pulling it off stylishly.

On the other hand, “Two Much Talkers” airs live every Friday on the application Babayo and IHQ’s YouTube channel.

Source: Sports Khan

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