[NATE] G-Friend Umji was bashed by netizens due to a strange sitting pose

Despite looking stunning in the festival, G-Friend Umji still had to face hateful criticism from netizens because of her posture on stage.

G-Friend’s Umji

On September 6th, the 2018 DMC Festival “Radio DJ Concert – Sing Together” was held at the DMC Sangam Culture Plaza in Mapo-gu, Seoul. On this day, G-Friend has given a wonderful performance.

Meanwhile, the “Radio DJ Concert” featured many artists in the music industry, namely Bae Cheol-soo, Kim Je-dong, Kim Shin-young, Kim Hyun-chul, Han Ye-ri, Iruma, Ahn Young-mi, Yang Yo-seop, Jung Seung-hwan and others.

[+456, -54] When i first saw Umji, i thought “Wow this girl must be a really good singer!”, but she didn’t sing that well and honestly, I wondered how she could become an idol like that. She’s the second person after SNSD Sooyoung that i have the same concern about.

[+250, -43] Wow… how heavy and tough…

[+217, -56] If she wasn’t in a successful idol group, i would think she’s just some Cambodian girl.

[+20, -4] How come she’s an idol?

[+19, -1] Did she come from a rich family?

Source: Nate

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