‘Nasopharyngeal cancer’’ overcoming Kim Woo Bin, reveals great relationship with the manager… sharper jawline

The latest situation of Kim Woo Bin, who overcame nasopharyngeal cancer and recovered, has been revealed.

On the 12th Kim Woo Bin’s company posted a video on their official Instagram saying “Introducing our manager.”

In this video, Kim Woo Bin seems to be preparing for a shoot, and the manager in charge of taking care of the actor is standing next to him. Kim Woo Bin and the manager gave off a bright atmosphere while standing shoulder to shoulder.

In particular, Kim Woo-bin attracted attention by boasting a sharp jawline while wearing a khaki shirt and black tie. The wavy hairstyle even made him look cooler. The fans who saw the video showed their reactions “He’s still so cool”, “I like the family-like corporate atmosphere”, “I hope you’re always healthy and happy with Shin Min-ah.”

Meanwhile, Kim Woo-bin is confirmed to appear in the movie ‘Alien’ (tentative title).

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