Narsha’s women-only adult show released its line-up despite the controversial reaction

Depsite criticism, the women-only adult show created by Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha called “Wild Wild season 1: Fantastic Nightmare” is still a sensation and they are eager to promote their actors.


On Oct 11th, “Wild Wild” revealed the group profile photos of its 10 actors on its official Instagram. In the released photos are the “Fantastic Nightmare” actors with their tops off, showing off their muscular bodies. Every member presents their masculine charms with confidence, drawing attention from many people.


Earlier, Wild Wild had introduced the actors’ personal profile, raising high expectations from the ladies. “Fantastic Nightmare” is an adult show about women dreaming about fantastic escapades in their sleep. The performance will consist of various stages where hot male performers take off their clothes and dance.

Narsha, director of the show, said, “I was thirsty for this type of performance culture after I got to know the “Chippendales Show” and “Magic Mike Show” in the U.S. I hope this kind of adult show exclusively for women will become an entertainment culture in Korea.”

Of course, as high as the expectation for the show, there are as many negative opinions. Many strongly criticized the show, saying, “I don’t know why people would make performances where males take off their pants and dance”, “It’s nothing but sex commercialization”, “If I made a male-only adult show, I would have been buried alive”,…

Meanwhile, starting with the VVIP and influencers’ invite-only first performance on Oct 15th, “Fantasy Nightmare” will hold preview performances on Oct 16th and 17th, and begin their open run at the Wild Wild Exclusive Hall in Apgujeong from Oct 19th.

Source: Insight

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