Nancy’s first action (MOMOLAND) after her sensitive photos at AAA 2019 in Vietnam were leaked

After a black and white photo expressing her sadness on Instagram, Nancy (MOMOLAND) made a new move.

In recent days, the Kpop fan community has been stirred by the information that Nancy (MOMOLAND) has revealed sensitive photos taken secretly at AAA 2019 Vietnam.  The incident caused Nancy a serious mental breakdown, causing fans to worry.  However, after a sad black and white photo 2 days ago, Nancy made a new post on Instagram, making fans less worried.

Specifically, Nancy posted a video supporting the junior group of the same company.  Accompanying the video, the female idol also calls for watching the MV and supporting T1419.  Nancy wrote: “Our younger brother group T1419 debut today.  Go check out the MV!!! Give them a lot of love and support ”.


Although she did not reveal her specific status, fans still feel happy when the female idol continues to use social networks, not posting negative photos or status on her personal Instagram.

Before that, on December 10, the netizen was shocked by the information that Nancy’s photo taken in the dressing room was leaked in a secret group of more than 500 members.  Right after that, Kpop fans trended the hashtag #OurRainbowNancy and sent a request to the female idol’s management agency to protect the female idol.  It is known that the incident happened at the backstage of the 2019 Asia Artist Awards ceremony held in Vietnam.


One day later, MLD Entertainment made an official announcement.  According to the statement of MLD and AAA organizers, the Korean and Vietnamese police will enter into the investigation and clarify this incident.

Sources: kenh14

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