Nancy (Momoland) attracted attention when cosplaying Marilyn Monroe

Nancy was praised for her glamorous Western beauty, reminiscent of the Hollywood beauty icon.

On the evening of October 30, Momoland held a live broadcast event to communicate with fans on the eve of Halloween. The girls turned up as Tinkerbell, Catwoman, Sailor Moon, characters from the popular game Among Us, and Marilyn Monroe.

Nancy as Marilyn Monroe wore golden shoulder-length hair, sexy pink satin strapless dress, gorgeous gloves, and jewelry. That is the famous image of Marilyn Monroe in the performance of Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953). Marilyn’s image in this pink dress has become a legend, a source of inspiration for many beauties of the next generation.

On Twitter, a series of photos of Nancy cosplaying Marilyn Monroe went viral on social networks. The image of her sitting in a car, wearing a black coat and a pink skirt made her fans crazy. Nancy was praised for being beautiful and seductive as a Hollywood actress.

Her blue eyes, red lipstick, and high nose helped her really look like Marilyn Monroe. Not only possessing a beautiful face, but the beauty born in 2000 also had a sexy body. Since losing weight, Nancy has become more and more attractive.

Nancy impressed the audience with a series of photos cosplaying the “sex bomb,” Hollywood “beauty icon” Marilyn Monroe.
The face and charisma of the female idol received many compliments.
Nancy’s attractive angle.
Many fans praised Nancy as beautiful as a Hollywood actress.
To make the cosplay more impressive, Nancy drew a mole exactly like the actress Marilyn Monro
Recently, Nancy has become more attractive thanks to weight loss. She also changed her hairstyle with youthful short blonde hair
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