Na Young-hee Talks About Being Kidnapped In The Past, “4 Guys Kidnapped Me For 8 Hours”

Actress Na Young-hee confessed her experience of being kidnapped 20 years ago, which left her trauma later on

On May 14th, the YouTube channel “Now Baek Ji-yeon” uploaded a new video featuring actress Na Young-hee.

In the video, Na Young-hee mentioned a kidnapping accident she experienced 20 years ago.

Recalling the past, Na Young-hee said, “I got into a car to go golfing from my apartment, then someone opened the back door. I looked back, thinking that it was someone I knew, but a guy got in. He held a knife. At that moment, I thought my life was over”.

Na Young-hee

Na Young-hee emphasized that there were a lot of kidnappings in Cheongdam-dong at that time, so she already discussed this with her colleagues. The actress shared, “We made a plan that if such a situation occurred, we would use the signal ‘I need to pick up Cindy’. But when it actually happened, I couldn’t think of anything”.

Revealing that she was rather calm in such a dangerous situation, Na Young-hee said, “I thought, ‘So this is the end for me. Then how should I organize this situation?’, and kept myself calm. I was taken around for a few hours and there turned out to be four kidnappers”, adding “I gave them my card then”.

Na Young-hee continued, “The guys were very young. When I asked, ‘Why are you guys doing this?’, they complained about needing money for entertainment purposes or the feelings they had when they were young. I didn’t know why I said it but I told them, ‘You didn’t receive love at home and lived with various dissatisfactions so you ended up going outside doing such things. All of this is the responsibility of the adults, and I feel so sorry about that”. 

Na Young-hee

The actress added, “One of the kidnappers suggested keeping me for another day, while another wanted to let me go. They had different opinions so I eventually gave them two cards. They released me on the condition that I wouldn’t report them. The kidnappers covered my face with something and I said I wouldn’t look at them for fear that I might remember their faces later on. I didn’t let them remove the cover”.

Na Young-hee then shared, “Instead of getting scarred or panicking, I had already accepted that it was over for me at that time and was only thinking about how to solve the situation well. In the end, they dropped me off somewhere in Suwon”.

In fact, Na Young-hee was kidnapped and driven around for as long as eight hours. She confessed, “It wasn’t just my legs were shaking. When I was inside the car, I felt rather calm. However after they released me, the fear overwhelmed me. I couldn’t move my legs”. The actress added that the trauma from that day was so severe that she couldn’t take the elevators or taxis for 10 years.

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