“My Name” star Han So Hee: Beauty on the outside is not everything

Han So Hee is currently one of the most viral Korean actresses thanks to the consecutive success she has achieved with her breakout roles. 

Han So Hee is an extremely popular actress of the Korean drama scene in 2021. The 1994-born actress works hard to change her image and improve her acting in diverse roles, so it is not difficult to understand how she could quickly rise to fame compared to other young actors of the same generation. 

Through her latest appearance in Netflix’s series “My Name” with a feisty role which is the total opposite of her naive character in the romance drama “Nevertheless” released earlier, Han So Hee has shown a great improvement in acting. Her character in the action thriller “My Name” is completely different from her previous roles. She portrays a bold and tough female character with a complicated backstory and has to perform many action-packed sequences. Although this is a challenging role, Han So Hee did a good job. Different from her previous works, her performance in “My Name” has barely had any mixed reactions. Most viewers have left comments praising the actress. 

When she first made her debut on the screen, Han So Hee attracted the audience’s attention thanks to the outstanding visual. She has the advantage of having a somewhat similar face to her senior Song Hye Kyo. With the title of “Song Hye Kyo’s lookalike” and making a great impression with the role of the young mistress in the hit drama “The World of the Married” in 2020, Han So Hee‘s career has turned to a new page.

However, Han So Hee herself has a different thought on receiving the public’s attention because of her eye-catching appearance. She said: “The appearance is really just an empty shell. I often ask myself how to properly portray the role of an actor. I have learned that you don’t have to stay pretty all the time.” Han So Hee confidently left her bare face in “My Name” to match the character’s image without fear of being criticized for looking pale or less radiant than usual.

The actress is also well aware of her purposes when pursuing an acting path and what she wants to deliver: “I want to show different sides of myself without having to pretend, or intentionally create an image. There may be times when I don’t look beautiful, but that’s the real me.”

Han So Hee is also not hesitant to change. She constantly challenges herself in new and different looks, something not many young celebrities can do with confidence. 

“I am happy to say that I am waiting for a new character. After doing the action genre, I want to try another genre to gain more experiences. I want to live my life as who I really am, even if it’s not perfect. I welcome both compliments and criticisms. I just want the viewers to know that I don’t see acting as a game, or an easy job. I have chosen this career and prepared a strong mentality to face all the pressure,” said Han So Hee.

In addition to the title “younger version of Song Hye Kyo”, she is also dubbed “the new generation’s Jun Ji Hyun”. In response to being given these nicknames, Han So Hee can’t help but feel stunned and consider it a burden. Known for her straightforward and humble personality, the rising actress shared: “I do not deserve to receive such compliments”.

Han So Hee is undoubtedly pretty but not in a fragile, weak way. She never tries to build an innocent and delicate image for herself. Han So Hee is doing well as a rising actress, a potential star of the industry who is strong enough to handle the pressure. She accepts challenges and criticism, is not afraid to express herself and certainly does not want to be another version of anyone. Through her interview, she has impressed the public with not only her passion for acting but also her strong mindset and intelligence. 

Han So Hee is expected to become even more famous in the future and represent the next generation of Korean actresses. Let’s look forward to her upcoming roles and the new images she will bring to the screen.


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