“My Liberation Notes” Kim Ji-won gets slapped with a bag as rumors of her having an affair with her married boss break out

Kim Ji-won was seen getting slapped with a bag in the recent episode of “My Liberation Notes”, causing viewers to worry.

In the 13th episode of JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “My Liberation Notes” (written by Park Hae-young/ directed by Kim Seok-yoon), which aired on May 21st, Yeom Mi-jung (Kim Ji-won) got to know about the shocking truth about her boss Choi Joon-ho (Lee Ho-young).


On this day, Yeom Mi-jung’s co-worker comforted Yeom Mi-jung, who was suffering because of Choi Jun-ho. Suddenly, the rumor “Have you heard it? Team leader Choi is cheating. He is having an affair with a female employee in our company” spread.


Yeom Mi-jung ignored it, but she was shocked after accidentally looking at Choi Joon-ho’s PC Screen. Choi Joon-ho’s girlfriend’s name was saved as Yeom Mi-jeong.


The teaser showed how this rumor would affect Yeom Mi-jung. One day, Yeom Mi-jeong received a call from a person introducing “Is this Yeom Mi-jung? This is Choi Joon-ho’s wife”. The woman believed to be Choi Joon-ho’s wife faced Yeom Mi-jeong and then hit Yeom Mi-jeong with her bag.

However, Yeom Mi-jung said, “I knew he was having an affair. And with whom”. It seems like she already knew the truth about Choi Joon-ho’s love affair. Attention is focused on whether Yeom Mi-jung will be able to properly revenge on Choi Joon-ho, who has been bothering her all the time, for all the unfairness and insults she has experienced from the past until the present.

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