Movies that shine in the year 2022

With overwhelming support, “Decision to Leave” topped the list.

What is a movie? It is a question that has been constantly asked since movie was created, but it has never been as much a desperate question as this year. Now that the theater-oriented film industry is shaking and OTT platforms have become familiar with viewers, it brings up that old question once again. The method is simple. Looking back on the movies that move us this year will allow us to see the categories and possibilities of movies. This is not to grade and line up the movies to pick out the best movies like every year. Rather, it is to look for the opposite value, excavation, exploration, and introduction. What makes a movie like a movie among so many interesting things to watch and enjoy? Let’s take look back on movies of the year in 2022 and reflect on the old future.

Decision to Leave

For the movies of 2022 selected by Cine21, 35 critics and reporters have each sent their precious records of movies that impressed them this year. The list is not for the purpose of evaluation or making a shortlist. It’s simply a notice for viewers who may have missed these movies and a letter of appreciation for the movies that made viewers happy this year. If you take a closer look at each reviewer’s list of best Korean and overseas films, we hope viewers will find movies that they have missed unfortunately and movies that they need to watch again. In addition, this year’s filmmakers were selected in a total of nine categories, including director, leading actor and actress, new actor and actress, new director, producer, scripwriter, and filming directors. We hope they will be remembered as the names that filled the Korean movie industry in 2022. We hope viewers will end 2022 happily with this small gift prepared by Cine21.

2022 movie

Top 10 Korean Movies in 2022 selected by journalists and critics

  1. Decision to Leave
  2. Walk Up
  3. The Novelist’s Film
  4. The Apartment With Two Woman
  5. The 2nd Repatriation
  6. Hommage
  7. Kim Min Young of the Report Card
  8. Hunt
  9. Hot in Day, Cold at Night
  10. Soup and Ideology
2022 movie

※ Best 5 Movies of the Year of each member of the panel

2022 movie

Source: CINE21

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