Moved by the way the other 2NE1 members support Park Bom’s comeback

The other members of 2NE1 showed their support for Park Bom’s long-awaited comeback.

2 years ago, when 2NE1 officially announced their disbandment afer 7 years, leaving behind the regret of fans all over the world. Not just regret, some K-Pop fans thought that the drug scandal of Park Bom is the the reason for 2NE1 disruptive activity and the long waiting time lead to Minzy’s leaving the group in April 2016. But all those criticism is now gone after seeing the love for each other of the 2NE1 members.

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2NE1 officially disbanded 2 years ago.

Park Bom had had to stay hidden for many years, and there has been many times where she expressed her nostalgia, wanting to return to the stage to be with her fans and the music. On March 13th 2019, Park Bom moved her fans to tear with the comeback MV “SPRING” after many years of hiding. Especially, Dara’s voice seems to have made everything even more moving.
Park Bom returned wth “SPRING” after a long time.

Park Bom’s comeback is a special present for Blackjack (2NE1’s fandom). But even more than that, is the support and love the other 3 members are giving Park Bom because it has been a long time since fans last see their interaction. On March 14 2019, Park Bom posted on her SNS a flower bouquet which was sent by CL, Minzy and Dara with a cute note: “Bom Bom Bom has arrived”. She happily posted the picture with the caption: “Flowers from my members, thank you”.
Park Bom shared the congratulation flower which was sent by CL, Minzy and Dara on Instagram.

Seeing the love between the 2NE1 girls after such a long time, fans are sure that they are happier than ever.

Sources: k14

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