Foreign fans’ most favorite ‘Squid Game’ character: who defeated Sung Ki Hoon, Oh Il Nam, and Kang Sae Byeok?

Netflix’s drama ‘Squid Game’ is gaining popularity not only in Korea but also around the world.

Thanks to the fame of ‘Squid Game’, fans are also paying more attention to different characters who appear in the drama.

Recently, a post that ranks the favorability of the ‘Squid Game’ characters selected by netizens was posted in an online community and became a hot topic.

To foreign fans, the ‘Squid Game’ character who took first place in favorability was not the main lead Sung Ki Hoon or Oh Il Nam and Kang Sae Byeok, who did impressive performances but was actually Ali Abdul.

On October 3rd (local time), the online media Screen Rant released ‘The ranking of 10 most favorite ‘Squid Game’ characters chosen by overseas netizens’.

Surprisingly, Ali Abdul took over the top spot in favorability, leaving behind the main character Sung Ki Hoon at the 2nd place and Kang Sae Byeok at the 3rd place.

Netizens praised this character for many scenes. He takes risks to save Sung Ki Hoon and hesitates to compete with Cho Sang Woo, who becomes close to him in the fourth game. Moreover, his good personality is also highly appreciated as he rarely causes conflict with other characters.

Also, the fact that Ali is betrayed by Jo Sang Woo and loses in vain due to his naïve personality seems to have won the sympathy of many fans.

The 4th place belonged to Ji Young, who left a strong impression despite appearing for only a few scenes. Hwang Jun Ho, the detective who tries to find out the mystery of the ‘Squid Game’, ranked No.5. Meanwhile, Han Mi Nyeo, who owns brilliant survival skills, took the 6th place.

Cho Sang Woo, who proceeds to the final game and faces Sung Ki Hoon thanks to his extraordinary intelligence, only ranked 7th in favorability.

Next, the frontman Hwang In Ho took the 8th place while the gangster Deok Soo, who creates tension during the games, ranked No.9.

The old man Oh Il Nam, who left a strong impression on many viewers, was only chosen in the 10th place.

Regarding the reactions of overseas netizens, Korean fans commented, “My No.1 character is Ji Young”, “Why did Han My Nyeo and Hwang In Ho rank so high?”, “Honestly, Jang Deok Soo did all the ‘hard carry’, I think he should be put on No.3”

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