More of Chuu & manager’s “abuse of power” KakaoTalk content revealed

An additional conversation between Chuu, a former LOONA member, and her manager was recently revealed.

On December 22nd, SBS Entertainment News exclusively reported the content of a conversation between Chuu and manager A.

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The released conversation took place in July when LOONA was filming their group content.

Chuu showed a somewhat furious reaction when manager A sent her the filming schedule.

Receiving the schedule, Chuu said to A, “I said I wanted to participate in the documentary. Stop this. Are you kidding me? You don’t even admit that you are playing around with my money. I think you’re still trying to treat me unfairly. Starting with the parts distribution to the talks. You know that you’re already breaking the terms of our contract, right?”


She continued, “I can’t allow it to take the whole day and waste my time. If you’re going to do it like this, I can’t participate in the group schedule”, adding “I’m not joking about the waiting time. You didn’t check the timetable with me before sending it to the group chat with the members. Just know this is the end”.

Chuu also said, “The participation time is too long. Please adjust it so that I can film until 7. I have to do the last group shot and go home first”, asking for the filming time to be changed.

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An official in charge of the filming at that time said LOONA members must have felt left out and suffered a hard time because the LOONA’s group shooting schedule was reorganized to be advantageous to Chuu. 

Netizens gave divided responses to this additional revelation. They commented, “I can’t help but lose my favor for her”, “The manager also works for money. Why are you criticizing them so sharply?”, “Is Chuu that ‘nice’?”, “The more I get to know about this case, the more advantageous Chuu seems to be”, etc.

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Meanwhile, Dispatch previously publicized conversions between Chuu and the CEO of her former agency. At that time, Chuu drew attention as she used expressions, such as “Don’t even dream about it”, “I’m not joining this album”, “Answer”, “I’ll kill you. Get a hold of yourself”, etc.

Many expressed opinions criticizing Chuu’s excessive remarks, while some defended Chuu, saying she had no choice but to be angry because of the way Blockberry Creative’s profit ratio.

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While preparing for a comeback with 11 members except for Chuu, LOONA announced an indefinite postponement on December 22nd. The group’s agency said, “We made this decision considering that this comeback activity would be meaningless if concerns about the members’ situations were not resolved”.

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