More idols will be exempt from military service in the future

Politician Kim Joong Ro is preparing the ‘BTS Act’ to give military exemption to artists.

For a long time, all men in Korea are required to serve in the Korean army including celebrities and K-pop idols. What fans regret most is that enlistment often leads to K-pop groups missing a number of members during their promotions, or the group may even have to take a hiatus while members complete their service.

Recently, the debate on military exemption is sparking up after politician Kim Joong Ro announced his plans for the “BTS Act”. He stated that artists that have received global recognition deserve to have military exemption.

Ahn Min Suk of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism agreed to exemption policy reform and stated, “BTS has served the nation well by ranking No.1 on the Billboard chart.” On the other hand, a government official of a high position commented, “We have to calmly carry out the discussion because the media boiling,” and added, “We have to look into it to see if it is truly realistic.

The argument is now still going on with the majority of people show their agreement and support for “BTS Act”.

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