Ravi and DinDin’s teary red eyes spotted when Moon Se-yoon thanked Kim Seon-ho in his Daesang speech at the 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards

Immediately when Moon Se-yoon thanked Kim Seon-ho in his award acceptance speech, two members of “2 Days 1 Night” cast, Ravi and Din Din, got emotional.

While delivering an acceptance speech for the first entertainment daesang in his life, comedian Moon Se-yoon also expressed his gratitude and affection towards Kim Seon-ho, who dropped out of “2 Days 1 Night” due to his ‘private life’ controversy. As soon as Moon Se-yoon mentioned Kim Seon-ho, Ravi and Din Din bowed their heads, adding more depth to the affectionate moment. Moon Se-yoon won the grand prize (Daesang) trophy at the 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards, which was held at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, on December 25th.

Moon Se-yoon, who has been active on KBS2’s2 Days 1 Night”, “Godfather” and “Trot Magic Performers” this year, won the Brand of the Year (Male Entertainer). Then, he was also honored with the grand prize for the first time in his life. Moon Se-yoon began his acceptance speech by saying, “I really don’t know what to say. Today is Christmas, the day when Santa Claus comes and brings gifts to children. I didn’t expect Santa to come to me like this.”

Moon Se-yoon 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards

He continued, “I heard lots of people comment on me, saying I don’t have any award. But I have received so many blessings from people around that I could live this life without an award. Whenever I felt tired and was about to faint, those who are like my saviors always appeared, held my hands, and even took me to this place.”

Moon Se-yoon 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards

Adding to the speech, he said, “I wondered if I could work hard enough to handle the weight of an award. Even in my dream, I thought it would be better if my name would not be called out. I will work hard to overcome the weight of this award.”

In particular, Moon Se-yoon said, “I first received an award at last year’s awards ceremony. I met a good team called ‘2 Days 1 Night’ and got the chance to receive the grand prize, but it was only recorded as a video and uploaded online. This is the first time I receive this in front of so many people, I can’t be with you now, but I’m also grateful to (Kim) Seon-ho.”

Moon Se-yoon 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards

Moon Se-yoon’s mention of Kim Seon-ho made the “2 Days 1 Night” team solemn. In particular, Ravi and DinDin, who were caught on camera, bowed their heads and shed tears. It was a moment the audience could see the teamwork of those who have become fond of each other after two years.

Moon Se-yoon 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards

Meanwhile, at the 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards, “2 Days 1 Night” won seven awards, including the “Grand Prize” (Moon Se-yoon), the “Best Program Award”, the “Entertainer of the Year” (Kim Jong-min, Moon Se-yoon), the “Excellence Award” (Yeon Jung-hoon), the “Broadcast Scriptwriter Award” (No Jin-young), and the “Rookie of the Year” (Ravi), proving the reputation of Korea’s representative entertainment program.

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