Moon Chae Won, “I’m losing baby fat as I get older, no pressure shooting with no makeup on”

Moon Chae Won revealed her thoughts upon the end of SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Payback.” 

In a recent interview with Herald POP in Gangnam, actress Moon Chae Won talked about her feelings after finishing the drama “Payback”. 

Moon Chae Won

Earlier, Moon Chae Won garnered attention by revealing that she wore almost no makeup to portray her character Park Joon Kyung in a more immersive way in “Payback”. Regarding this, she calmly said, “Except for the time when I went out without knowing what the beauty salon did to me at the beginning of my debut, I’ve never really worn that much makeup before.”

“There was no pressure (shooting with no makeup on) because I was told not to worry and that it would make me look cool. I wouldn’t have done it if I felt burdened,” she added.

moon chae won

In addition, Moon Chae Won pointed out the styling of Park Joon Kyung, saying, “I tried to wear clothes neatly. I know how to look powerful. I wore something close to red once, and it definitely had an impact.”

Moon Chae Won’s slim appearance with no cheek fat in the drama was also mentioned. Moon Chae Won said, “I lost more cheek fat when filming ‘Flower of Evil’ than when filming ‘Payback’. This time, it was better than back then.” 

Then, pointing to her cheeks, Moon Chae Won said, “My baby fat also disappears little by little as I get older. Others keep asking me where it went. I guess that’s a good thing.”

Source: Nate

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