Monika’s serious face vs. Gabee’s defense… “Street Dance Girls Fighter” K.L.W.C, bad manners or strategy?

Is it bad manners or a strategy? The death match between crews Squid and K.L.W.C is attracting a lot of attention.

On the Dec 28th broadcast of Mnet’s Street Dance Girls Fighter featured 12 crews which entered mission 3 “K-POP Choreography Creation Mission”. Among them, Squid (Team YGX) and K.L.W.C (Team Lachica) were the last to come forward.

Squid and K.L.W.C collided from the first practice. The mission on this day applied the “choreography trade” rule that required the choreography created by the opposing crew to be reflected in one’s own choreography without modification. Squid’s expression quickly stiffened to the choreography that K.L.W.C had made.

The trade choreography proposed by K.L.W.C was carried out in the form of members dancing differently. There was also a dancer doing a ridiculous crab dance. When Squid said, “Is this called choreography? Didn’t you just freestyle? We can’t see because the movement lines are all crossed”, K.L.W.C replied, “That’s the point.”

The war of nerves continued even in the interim check. When Squid performed in front of K.L.W.C, K.L.W.C pointed out, “You have to lift your pelvis when you do this technique.” Squid countered, “In the video you sent us, we heard you say that it’s okay whether we do it or not.” Upon hearing this, K.L.W.C refuted, “Then, shouldn’t you have asked us?” 

On the day of the long-awaited mission, the luck of victory was taken by K.L.W.C. K.L.W.C’s Lee Chae-rin shed tears and apologized, “I’m sorry, but I also want to thank you for digesting our choreography hard. I’m grateful that we worked hard together.”

In response, Squid’s Yang Na-kyung shared, “We didn’t lose. We really felt that it was just the beginning. It’s okay to know that K.L.W.C is feeling sorry. I was so grateful and happy.”

Meanwhile, shortly after the broadcast, reactions related to the confrontation between Squid and K.L.W.C poured out on various online communities. While some criticized K.L.W.C’s bad manners, there were also opinions that it was a strategy for competition. 

The six teams that advanced to the final mission are Brand New Child (Team Prowdmon), NEWNION (Team WayB), FLOOR (Team CocaNButter), Mis Molly (Team Hook), TURNS (Team YGX) and K.L.W.C (Team Lachica).

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