MOMOLAND Yeonwoo said she was the worst in her group

MOMOLAND Yeonwoo burst into tears and surprised everyone in the latest espisode of “Law of the Jungle”.

In SBS’s “Law of the Jungle in Last Indian Ocean,” which aired on December 7th, MOMOLAND Yeonwoo shed tears.

Besides her visual skills, Yeonwoo also had excellent athletic ability, proving to be helpful from the very beginning. Moreover, in the underwater hunting, she captured the king’s clams at once, and was named as the daughter-in-law of the chief patriarch.

Yeonwoo, along with the chief of the family, challenged herself to make coconut milk. Yeonwoo was willing to make coconut milk, which she had only seen on TV, and she was devoted to making coconut milk without knowing the gloves were pierced.

Kim Byung-man and Yeon-woo naturally had a deep conversation during the making process, while Kim Byung-man gave warm advice to Yeon-woo as a presidential candidate in the entertainment industry. Yeon-woo surprised everyone with tears saying, “I think I’m the worst in MOMOLAND,” showing Yeon-woo’s inner feelings in “Law of the Jungle in Last Indian Ocean.

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