MOMOLAND member’s reaction when fans criticized the group for bad music and boring, cliché dance

MOMOLAND is not an unfamiliar name for Kpop fans in recent years.

The girl group of MLD blew up with the hit Bboom Bboom and was quickly ranked together with many A-list stars in the Kpop music market.

However, controversies of disrespecting seniors, cheating on music charts and having internal conflicts made MOMOLAND‘s fame gradually go downhill. In addition, the group’s later releases are similar to the hit Bboom Bboom, making MOMOLAND unable to receive as much attention as before.

Returning to the Kpop race in June, MOMOLAND is expected to become a worthy competitor going against TWICE, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet when the agency announced that this title song will have a completely different concept.

However, recently, member Ahin was unexpectedly attacked by anti fans when being sent many messages that criticized MOMOLAND for bad music, boring, outdated choreography, causing her to post a response.

 “Please stop sending rude dms about me or the group or our concept. Please” – Ahin wrote on her Instagram story.

Shortly after, netizens continued to leave comments on her latest post: “Stop making cliché dances like kisses and applause!! Can you make a comeback with a strong and exciting concept once!! Your fame started with lowness. Everyone hates the concepts of your songs?? We want something new, I admire you but I’m bored of regret”.

MOMOLAND member’s reaction when fans criticized the group for bad music and boring, cliché dance

Making MVs or singing new songs that are similar to the old ones has made fans gradually become bored with the female idols after days of expecting.  It’s true that the huge shadow of Bboom Bboom is a pressure in shaping new directions for MOMOLAND’s concept.  However, not stepping out of the comfort zone makes the group gradually lose the fans’ interest and excitement while waiting for their new releases.

Also in the beginning of this year, at a fansign during the promotion of the song Thumbs up, a hater got in the fansign area. When arriving at Ahin’s seat, this person immediately said rude things, insulting the female idol. In response to the anti-fan’s hateful attitude, Ahin bursted into tears in the middle of the fansign.  The incident has shocked the Kpop industry.

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