Model Choi Sora got asked for a photo by fans while trying to smoke on the street

A video of model Choi So-ra stunned by a fan’s request for a photo while she was trying to smoke is drawing attention online. 

A short video was posted on Twitter on Mar 8th with a caption saying, “Good morning, Choi So-ra.”

The video showed Choi So-ra, who is working in Paris, France, on her way to work for a fashion show. She was biting a cigarette in her mouth and when a fan requested a photo, she took off the cigarette and posed.

Choi Sora smoking
/Video = Twitter

The video reached 1.2 million views in a week. It has been retweeted more than 4,800 times and has spread to other online communities as well.

Korean netizens have mixed opinions on the video. Some point out that smoking on the street is not a good thing to see, but some refuted that it is not Korea so there’s no need for excessive criticism towards the model. Some netizens even praised her, saying, “It’s good to see her so confident.”

Choi Sora smoking

Earlier, Wanna One member Lai Kuan-lin was also criticized for being seen smoking on the street in 2020. At that time, Lai Kuan-lin apologized on Weibo, “I did something wrong as a public figure. I accept your reprimand and promise not to do it again.”

Meanwhile, Choi So-ra made her debut in Jin Tae-ok‘s Collection at the 2010 F/W Seoul Fashion Week. Starting with the Louis Vuitton Cruise Fashion Show in 2014, she has started her overseas activities.

Choi Sora smoking

The model has been on the runway of many brands and on all four major shows in the world. In 2019, she has been on a total of 89 shows, ranking first in the list of models walking on most shows in the world.

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