Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter received criticism for taking free choreography drafts and promoting Jessi’s new song

As soon as Mnet Street Woman Fighter (hereinafter referred to as SWF)’s semi-final mission was released, it received a lot of criticism from netizens.

On October 5th, a video of the semi-final mission was released on Street Woman Fighter. Psy, P-Nation’s head, made a surprise appearance.

jessi street woman fighter
jessi street woman fighter

In the video, Psy said, “This mission is to create a choreography for P-Nation. P-Nation’s singers are on their way there. I’m looking forward to seeing your fighting spirit.” Later, Jessi, a singer from P-Nation, appeared on the broadcast.

Afterward, the SWF crews created the choreography for Jessi’s new song ‘cold blooded’. Jessi highly praised their effort, “They’re so cool. Korean women dance really well.” 

jessi street woman fighter

However, after the broadcast, many netizens criticized the mission. They left comments such as “The production team has no sense”, “Aren’t they just backup dancers if they do this? Where has the ‘street’ gone?”, “It’s an important mission for teams to get to the final, but it doesn’t fit the show’s purpose”, “Whatever the intention is, it seems like they’re trying to take free choreography drafts and promote the new song”, “The dancers are main characters, but they have to play the backup role, this mission is the worst”, “Is this mission giving them enough choreography creation fee?”…

jessi street woman fighter

Watch the full video here:

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