Mnet raised a high possibility for not only Wanna One but other groups formed by vote manipulation to reunite

Mnet, which was involved in a controversy over vote manipulation, hinted at another possibility for the return of “Produce” groups.

CP of Mnet Park Chan-wook attended the global press conference for the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) held at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul on November 16th and mentioned the reunion of Wanna One.

Wanna One is a project group formed in ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ and will reunite on on the stage of ‘2021 MAMA’ after 3 years. However, since it was confirmed that the voting process for Wanna One had been manipulated by Mnet, controversies broke out after the announcement of the group’s reunion. CP Kim Yong-beom and PD Ahn Joon-young, who led the vote manipulation, have currently been released from prison.

wanna one mama

In response, CP Park said, “Wanna One’s reunion is highly anticipated because fans remember their ‘MAMA’ stage and are excited to see the members meeting each other again. The production team is also preparing for the show with various ideas to meet fans’ expectations. We are going to present a performance that is like a gift to global audiences.”

On the same day, Dispatch quoted a CJ official saying that apart from Wanna One, there is a possibility that Mnet’s groups that formed by vote manipulation will also reunite.

Regarding the controversy over discrimination between groups created by the “Producer” series, an official cautiously answered, “Wanna One members themselves wanted to do a special stage. We can’t force them. We have coordinated everything well with each other.” He added, “Like Wanna One, if other groups (I.O.I, IZ*ONE, X1) want to perform a stage, we are always ready to support them at any time. We think that is our responsibility.”

However, netizens’ responses on online communities are really negative. They commented, saying “Take responsibility for the victims and compensate their loss”, “Why are they letting the group that beneficiated from manipulation perform on stage?”, “They are no other than a devil”, “I really want to curse”, “You’re gathering them back after disbanding the group? This is so unconscionable”, “So pathetic”, “As the members wish? How funny”, “Don’t wash away your crime like that”, “I feel bad for the groups that are mentioned again”.

The ‘2021 MAMA’ will be held at CJ ENM Content Studio on the 11th of next month.

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