Mnet and Swing are trying to make Wanna One renew their contracts.

The source said that Wanna One’s company is trying to force the members to renew their

Wanna One will disband on December 31 this year as planned, but recently, sources from Chosun Monthly revealed that Swing Entertainment and Mnet are trying to force the members’ companies to extend the contract until the end of January.

“There are rumors that Mnet and Wanna One’s label are all but forcing the individual members’ labels to extend the contract. Some of the labels want to bring their members back to debut them as soon as they can. However, it’s hard to survive in the industry with a bad relationship with Mnet, who is part of CJ E&M, so they are just assessing the situation for now.”

Although WANNA ONE owns a large number of fans, many fans disagree with CJ’s plan. Because of this, many companies will have to wait a little longer for their artists to return, and officially debut with other members after finishing their contracts.

Will Wanna One extend their contract?

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